In the News

We like to educate the community about pet healthcare. Tune in live or catch up here.

In the News

We like to educate the community about pet healthcare. Tune in live or catch up here.

In the News

We like to educate the community about pet healthcare. Tune in live or catch up here.

man and woman on television talk show

Dr Armstong answers your questions on CBS

Pets and Fur-Works

Dr Sherry Hill at Firehouse Cedar Park offers tips about keeping your pets safe during New Years Eve celebrations

Chubby Dog

Season for Caring: Firehouse supports Austin families for the 6th year

Chubby Dog

Dr Hill takes CBS on a tour of the newest Firehouse hospital

Chubby Dog

Firehouse Cedar Park opens on Whitestone Blvd

Chubby Dog

City Lifestyle Cedar Park welcomed Firehouse to the neighborhood

Chubby Dog

Firehouse supports the Austin Pride Festival

Chubby Dog

Firehouse Pet Resort has 2 locations for cats and dogs

Chubby Dog

Firehouse Pet Resort shelters PAWS pets during wildfires

Chubby Dog

Firehouse 183 opens in the Fall of 2022

Chubby Dog

KXAN asked Dr Tabares how pets can be safe in Austin’s record-breaking heat

Chubby Dog

Dr Hill talks mushrooms: pets shouldn’t eat wild mushrooms that pop up after heavy rains

Chubby Dog

Firehouse Animal Health Centers are ready to help pet parents when the unexpected pops up

Chubby Dog

How to Make Your Vet Staff’s First Day Memorable

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Firehouse Animal Health Center underway in Cedar Park

New special

Firehouse Animal Health Centers and The Dog Alliance team up to train pups!

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Top Workplaces of Greater Austin: Top small employers

Chubby Dog

Season For Sharing: Firehouse Animal Health Centers donates care

Let the games begin! Furry Firehouse Pet Resort friends compete for the gold!

Chubby Dog

Does Your Pet Need to Shed the COVID Weight?

Spike in Parvo

Pandemic puppy boom leading to more Parvo cases in Austin; how to keep your dog safe

Algunos hongos en el patio que aparecen después de las lluvias en Texas podrían ser tóxicos

Ask the Vet with the experts at Firehouse Animal Health Centers!

“Vemos hasta 20 casos al año”: Qué hacer si a tu perro lo muerde una serpiente venenosa en Texas

Those lawn mushrooms popping up after Austin rains could be deadly to your dog

July 4th celebrations can stress pets out, here’s how to avoid it

Keep your pets away from wild mushrooms, veterinarians say

Veterinarian Talks About How Trupanion Express Changes Conversation With Clients About Pet Insurance

Ask the Vet with the pet experts at Firehouse Animal Health Centers!

Ask the Vet with the pet experts at Firehouse Animal Health Centers!

How to Socialize Your Dog

Photo: RyanJLane | Getty Images

How to Socialize Your Dog

PHOTOS: Austin steps up to help pets in Texas freeze aftermath

Photo: Nell Carroll | American-Statesman

Another sign of the COVID-19 pandemic: Our overweight pets and how to help them lose weight

Ask the Vet with the pet experts at Firehouse Animal Health Centers!

Meet a few of the friendly faces that make up the Firehouse Animal Health Centers team!

‘Nobody forgot the animals’: How Austin put lost, rescued pets before themselves in a crisis

During pandemic, your new dog has missed out on socializing

Photo by Stephen Spillman / For Statesman

Firehouse was humbled to donate free medical care to pets in 4 of the Season for Caring families

The Firehouse team explains how social distancing could be affecting our pets

Firehouse Animal Health Centers shares tips for introducing a new furry friend to your fam

Firehouse Animal Health Center donates $10,000 of care to Season for Caring

Photos: Firehouse Animal Health Center donates to Season for Caring

Dog days of the pandemic create a thriving economy for man’s best friend

Meet the “Firehouse Five”! Local veterinarians share expert advice for every pet family

Grain-free diet linked to issues in dogs

Tips for first-time pet owners

Firehouse Pet Resort to open in Round Rock and 4 other business highlights

In this season of giving, Firehouse Animal Health Centers shares how they give back!

Courtesy of Jennifer Sims Photography

Firehouse Animal Health Center Combats High Suicide Rate Among Veterinarians

The proper way to clean your pet’s teeth

Dr Mozisek offered Austin Woman magazine CBD expertise for pets.

Dr Mendoza explains what “fear free” means and how it helps your cat and dog at the vet

KVUE called Firehouse to see if we could comment on keeping dogs safe from Asps while outdoors

When blue-green algae became a lethal issue for pets near Lake Austin, Firehouse docs jumped in to help offer recommendations for pet owners in Austin.

Dr Opyt shared how Firehouse helps offer local Austin shelters free medical care so their pets are healthy and ready for adoption

Dr Rob Calabrese offers emergency preparedness tips for families with pets as Austin enters hurricane and flooding season.

The Statesman called Firehouse to ask our advice when dogs and porcupines were encountering each other on Austin trails.

CJ Champ, hospital Manager at Firehouse Westlake, talked about Firehouse’s role in the community and specifically at Austin PRIDE.

Dr Rob Calabrese comments on breaking news in the Austin Area

When new research proved that grain-free diets cause heart issues for dogs, Firehouse spoke with the Austin American Statesman.

KXAN asked Firehouse to offer July 4th advice for pet owners:

…and KVUE asked Firehouse to comment on grain-free diets too.

Dr Mozisek talks water safety as summer begins

Dr Laura Saunders offered tips to comfort your pets during July 4th fireworks

Firehouse Belterra was highlighted in Community Impact as it celebrated its First Anniversary

How to Spot Fear or Anxiety in Your Pet

Tips on How to Prevent Pets from Consuming Poisonous Products

Dr Mozisek shows what a “day in the life” of a vet looks like

Tips to Help Ease Stress and Anxiety in Your Pets

Take a tour of the new Firehouse Animal Health Center at Belterra Village!

Pets get skin cancer, too! Dr Mendoza highlights ways to protect your pet’s skin.

Can Cats eat onions? Catster saught Dr Mathiak’s advice.

So, Your Dog Ate Rat Poison — Here’s What to Do

Featured in the Statesman – Best of the Best 2018

How to Properly Clean Your Pet’s Teeth

Health Insurance for Your Pet Could Save You Thousands of Dollars

Every Question You Have About CBD—Answered

Introducing Your Pups to Your Newborn

Greater Austin Top Small Employers

Protect your pet’s pearly whites! Important tips from Firehouse Animal Health Center

Dr Mozisek talks about heat exhaustion in dogs as the heat of summer begins

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