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Beth Spencer, DVM

Medical Director

Dr Beth Spencer brings patience, perseverance, and compassion to her practice. As a Fear Free certified veterinarian, Dr Spencer takes time to work with pets so that they are comfortable during their visit. She emphasizes wellness and preventive care so her patients can stay happy and healthy.

Dr Spencer is dedicated to clear communication, helping her clients understand their pets’ health care options. She also coaches the next generation of veterinarians in their CSU communication labs every year.

As a parent, Dr Spencer strives to create a kid-friendly environment with snacks, books, and coloring. She always enjoys answering kids’ questions, knowing she might be inspiring a child to become a veterinarian!

Dr Spencer completed her undergraduate studies at Yale University and received her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) from the Ohio State College of Veterinary Medicine. On weekends, Dr Spencer enjoys hiking, camping, skiing, reading, movies and spending time with her husband Eric, her kids Phoebe and Shane, and her crazy rescue mutt named Mobi.

Alexander Robb, DVM, MBA, CCRT


Dr Alex Robb takes pride in building comfortable and trusting relationships with his clients and patients alike. This individually tailored approach, along with the depth of his experience, allows for effective diagnostic and therapeutic health care plans that everyone can feel good about.

He has completed advanced training in companion animal surgery, is a Certified Canine Rehabilitation Therapist, and is a Fear Free Certified Practitioner.

A passion for improving the effectiveness of medical organizations drives Dr Robb. He earned his MBA from the University of Central Texas in 2017 with a focus on Strategic Leadership of Healthcare Organizations and has delivered seminars on Leadership and High-Performing Teams for hundreds of veterinary students. He is also currently involved in the development of a Simulation Laboratory at Tufts University where veterinarians and students will be able to hone their skills in cutting edge procedures.

Dr Robb earned his veterinary degree from Tufts University in 2013 and has practiced in the Central Texas Metro Area ever since. He loves experiencing all of Central Texas’s outdoor activities with his family, including two German Shorthaired Pointers named Lucy and Porter. He also enjoys live music, professional sports, photography, and international travel.

Penn Chinudomsub, DVM


Dr Penn’s hardworking, down-to-earth personality, and clear communication are just a few of the reasons her clients love her. She insists all of her patients to have positive experiences at Firehouse, so she adjusts to their individual personality, as well as using positive reinforcement and Fear Free techniques.

By attending large conferences every other year, Dr Penn stays informed and up to date on her ever-evolving profession. She also keeps current by enrolling in continuing educational events offered by local specialists in between conferences, as well as subscribing to weekly veterinary podcasts.

Dr Penn believes that biannual preventative care is the best means of avoiding major health issues. She is especially interested in dentistry and soft tissue surgery. She is also passionate about shelter medicine and providing for shelter animals. Dr Penn has traveled abroad to provide veterinary care for under-resourced communities.

Born and raised in Southern California, Dr Penn received her undergraduate degree from the University of Wisconsin and attended veterinary school at Oklahoma State University. When not at Firehouse or traveling, she enjoys running, skiing, cooking, gaming (both video and board), photography, arts, and crafts. Her and husband Ryan share Lux, her cat that she adopted when she lived in St. Kitts, and her former barn cat, Kaylee.

Holly Davis

Hospital Manager

Holly Davis is focused on making her client’s lives easier, whether helping pets get to their exam room, breaking down procedure costs, or empathizing during difficult moments. She also helps make visits to the vet calm by using Fear-Free tactics to help patients feel less anxious. Holly is a firm believer in preventive care and helps clients see the importance of vaccines, heartworm prevention, flea and tick prevention, and spaying and neutering.

Holly is cross-trained in every area of the hospital since she began her work in the veterinary world as a 14-year-old volunteer. She has consistently worked in hospitals since then, becoming a veterinary technician and hospital manager. Holly describes herself as a problem solver, empathetic in difficult situations, organized, and thorough.

Holly completed her associate’s degree in science and has certifications in human resources. In her free time, Holly loves spending time outdoors, traveling, trying new foods, and community involvement. She loves her 10-year-old Lab mix named Lyric, who she rescued at 4 weeks old.

Brandy Strickland

Certified Veterinary Technician

Brandy Strickland aspires to make every veterinary visit fun and engaging for you and your pets. She is careful to observe and note our patients’ preferences when it comes to interaction, handling, and treats! In this way, each trip to the vet can be efficient, thorough, and comfortable for everyone.

It can be quite worrisome when pets are ill or in need of a surgical procedure, but never fear! Brandy is there to advocate for our patients and pet parents alike. As a conduit between you and the doctors, she will ensure that everything is explained clearly and that all of your questions and concerns are addressed.

Brandy graduated from the Bel-Rea Institute of Animal Technology in 2011 and has worked as a Certified Veterinary Technician in the Central Texas area ever since. She is Fear-Free Certified and Recover CPR Certified, giving her expertise both in routine pet health needs as well as in emergency situations. She has experience in specialty medicine, previously working with Neurologists and Internal Medicine specialists, and is constantly expanding her knowledge and skills. She is particularly passionate about delivering safe and effective anesthetic management for her patients at Firehouse.

Brandy lives in Central Texas with her husband, Geoff, lab mix Shadow, and their newest addition, a rescue kitty named Rocky. She enjoys trying new restaurants, reading, and horror movies, as well as all things pumpkin-spice.

Elisa Rodgers

Certified Veterinary Technician

Elisa Rodgers really listens to client concerns and goes the extra mile for all the pets she sees at Firehouse. She is compassionate and comforting, to both clients and their animals. She makes appointments easier with clear communication and ensuring all concerns are addressed.

A certified vet tech since 2015, Elisa keeps her job skills current by attending continuing education seminars and reading technical journals. She is particularly interested in aging and arthritis in dogs. Plus, she enjoys educating pet parents on enrichment and the importance of wellness exams.

With an empathetic heart, Elisa has filled her home with lots of animals: Louise, the bearded dragon; Joey Ramone, the leopard gecko; Francis, the cat; Cher, the long-haired guinea pig; and, finally, the best dogs in the world, Bodhi and Spratt, the terriers and Miss Fancy Pants, the Chihuahua.

Rachel Hoelzer

Veterinary Technician

Rachel brings a sense of understanding and empathy to clients and pets alike. She enjoys helping clients make the most educated decisions for their pets by ensuring they don’t leave with any unanswered questions. Rachel also strives to make visits to Firehouse Animal Health Center stress free and comfortable by helping to ease our patient’s pain or anxiety.

Rachel loves learning new things so she can continue to effectively educate clients. She keeps current on veterinarian medicine by following interesting case studies, as well as attending continuing education seminars. She is particularly interested in anesthesia and pet behavior.

Rachel adopted her sweet, funny dog Dylan in April 2019. He is a deaf two-year-old Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog. She also has Gir, a big man stuck inside little dog’s body. He is a 12-year-old Cairn Terrier mix who has been with her through seven moves, and even across state lines. He is such a dapper gentleman!

Callie Moore

Certified Veterinary Technician

Callie Moore’s genuine compassion and patience make every patient that comes in feel as if they were hers. Clients appreciate her positive, upbeat attitude and her professional manner allows clients to feel respected and heard.

A dedicated lifelong learner, Callie loves to learn using continuing education classes and seminars. She has a soft spot for senior cats and doing all she can to help them be healthy and comfortable.

When not loving on our patients, she spends her free time dancing, doing yoga, traveling, and spending time with friends and family. She has 2 cats, Leo and Romeo, Kylo, her German Shepherd mix and Spike, the Hedgehog.

Lisa Hapgood

Veterinary Technician

Lisa is an excellent communicator who enjoys getting to know each patient. Clients appreciate that she is empathetic and detailed. Because she understands how stressful going to the vet can be, she tries to keep patients entertained and comfortable. She also takes time to thoroughly explain procedures to clients and answer any questions they may have.

While Lisa went to school to become a veterinary technician, she continues to attend seminars and classes to expand her job skills and knowledge. She loves all dogs and feels comfortable with nervous cats. When not working, she likes to train her two dogs, Swerve (Border Collie) and Amaze (Border Collie/Whippet) for flyball competitions. She also has a pet cat.

Angelica “Gel” Ross

Client Service Coordinator

Gel is a dedicated and patient advocate for every animal who comes to Firehouse Animal Health Center. She values the importance of keeping pets comfortable and secure by utilizing Fear Free practices. As a pet owner, she understands how overwhelming vet visits can be, so Gel sets up expectations before each appointment and takes time to answer any questions that clients may have. She also educates clients about the importance of preventive medication and lab work so that their pets live longer, healthier lives.

Gel attended the Vet Assistant Program at Pima College, but continues her learning independently by watching videos and researching new medical practices. She loves all animals, and appreciates the differences between breeds of dogs and cats.

In her free time, Gel loves to watch movies while doing diamond paintings or Sudoku puzzles. Her pets are Abby, a Rat Terrier/Bulldog mix; Peanut, a Pomeranian/Chihuahua mix; and two cats.

Isela Castro

Client Service Coordinator

As a pet owner, Isela understands the importance of proper communication and collaboration. Clients appreciate how she thoroughly explains the process when caring for their pets, her active listening skills, and how she strives to make sure that clients feel heard and understood. Isela ensures that she addresses each question our client has and acquires as much information about a pet as possible, so she can get a complete understanding of each pet’s individual needs.

Isela loves to talk to people about pets and how to ensure that they live happy, healthy lives. She practices communication skills outside of work as well, because she enjoys making people feel valued and heard. She enjoys learning new things and works with her team to further her veterinary knowledge.

When not working, Isela enjoys spending time with friends and family, going hiking with Sally, her Poodle/Terrier mix, going to the gym, and exploring new areas. She loves all animals but has a special place in her heart for dogs and birds. She also has a pet Chinchilla named Boba.

Savanna Stevenson

Client Service Coordinator

Savanna understands that coming to the vet can be stressful for owners and their pets, so she works to ensure she is able to give them an experience she would want to have when visiting Firehouse. She actively listens to their needs and preferences, and takes the time to guarantee all their questions are addressed. Transparency is vital for clear, thoughtful communication, so Savanna does her best to be transparent from start to finish, and advocate for the client and their pets at their appointments. To help Firehouse’s patients live long and happy lives, she ensures that our patients get the best possible care.

Savanna is continually learning from her team and independent study to expand her knowledge in veterinary medicine and improve her communication skills. Outside of work, she enjoys yoga, reading, playing video games, and spending time outdoors. She has a soft spot for all rescues, and is anxiously awaiting adding the perfect pet to her family.

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