Firehouse Makes an Impact Through Giving

by | Aug 11, 2020 | Blog

Firehouse Animal Health Center’s charitable giving reflects a commitment to lifelong wellness for animals. When she launched the business late last year, Dr Beth Spencer decided that Firehouse would play a key role in Central Texas’s collective effort to elevate the well-being of the city’s entire pet population.

Firehouse is currently supporting Central Texas Dumb Friends League as well as CVMA’s Connect for Care program. We recently partnered with Canine Companions for Independence. The primary way Firehouse gives back is through free medical care to shelter pets, helping cats and dogs get healthy enough to be adopted into loving homes.

While we’ve only been operating for 7 months, Firehouse has already donated over $19,000 in free medical care! Our support goes beyond our hospital walls. We engage with students at Central Texas-area schools by providing hospital tours to budding veterinarians, as well as hosting students for class credit. While this spring and summer look different than we hoped, we are still supporting events that we believe in like Central Texas’s Pride Virtual Marketplace and Juneteenth Virtual Music Festival.

When we get to help pets and people in need in our community, it makes us feel good. That is the most important impact to us – doing our part in our community.

Learn more about our giving on our “Giving Back” page here.

Central Texas Dumb Friends League
Central Texas Veterinary Medical Association’s Connect for Care
Canine Companion for Independence

Please call us if you need anything as we transition from summer into fall. We’re here for you 24/7.

“We cover the costs of shelter related illness up to $250 the pet needs in the first two weeks after adoption. For some pets, it’s as simple as a free post-adoption exam, vaccinations, or heartworm medications. For others, it’s a dental cleaning or a complicated surgery that improves the pet’s quality of life and also keeps the pet with its owner for years to come. ”

– Dr Spencer

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