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Coughing & Respiratory Issues in Dogs in 2023 and 2024
“Mystery” illness has new treatments
1 min readThe current “mystery” respiratory illness is severe. We can see you fast at our 183 and Cedar Park locations if symptoms arise.The current strain of coughing a respiratory issues in dogs isn't ordinary kennel cough. It's a prolonged cough, leading to severe...
5 questions you’ve always wanted to ask your vet, but were too embarrassed to ask
Candid answers to awkward cat and dog topics
2 min readThere’s no topic we’re uncomfortable with. So bring us your questions! Is your dog’s penis sticking out? Is your cat humping stuffed animals? Did your pet ingest marijuana? We’re here to answer all your questions. Doctors Rivas & Bonnet answer questions we...
Firehouse’s 4 Pillars of Care
The core beliefs that guide your pet’s care: wellness, nutrition, dental, and fear/anxiety/stress
8 min readPets bring us immeasurable joy and companionship. Firehouse Animal Health Center’s mission is to prevent your cat, dog, and exotic pet from getting sick so they can stay by your side – healthy and happy – for as long as possible. Our care guidelines are...
Ease Your Pet’s Stiff Joints in 2024
3 tips for cold weather days
3 min read   "Before starting Librela, Dizzy wasn't using all four legs to go up and down the stairs," says Firehouse 183 Client Service Coordinator Lisa Berletch of her 8-year-old Sheltie. "She was also hesitant to jump and run at full speed." Dizzy started...
Why Do Cats Knead? 
Here’s why cats “make biscuits.”
3 min read “Simply put, kneading brings cats peace and comfort,” says Georgie Chadwick, Hospital Manager at Firehouse Westlake.  Kneading is when cats rhythmically push their paws against a soft surface, often with a kneading motion like the way dough is kneaded.   A...
Cats and dogs hate New Year’s Eve fireworks
Your pet’s ears are sensitive to sound
Loud bangs and pops scare pets and can make even the most well-behaved pet misbehave or run away. We have tips.Bruno is one of the few cats who doesn't scare easily during New Year’s Eve and July 4th fireworks. “When I first adopted Bruno,” says Dr Sherry Hill,...
How To Manage Diabetes in Pets
Early detection and solutions make life easier for pet parents
7.5 min read Dr Luke Rivas at Firehouse Westlake helped a cat whose owners didn’t understand why she was urinating outside the litter box. “We drew blood and diagnosed feline diabetes,” he says. “We put her on insulin and I could tell she was feeling better at her...
Caring for your deaf dog
Advice for owners of deaf and hearing-impaired pets

Franklin’s family realized he was hard of hearing soon after they adopted him. “We learned he might have hearing issues when he was just a puppy,” says Katie, Franklin’s mom.

The grass-eating habit in dogs
7 reasons dogs eat your landscaping
3 min read Milo is a 6-month-old mini Bernadoodle who really likes to chew on grass in his mom’s lawn. “I think Milo eats grass for...
When should you spay or neuter your kitten?
Research shows cats stay healthiest when procedure is completed by 5 months
We first reported new recommendations for spaying and neutering cats by 5 months in January 2021. We continue to support these guidelines from the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) and the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA).   Research shows the...
A Feast for All Beasts  Safe Thanksgiving Foods for Your Pet

A Feast for All Beasts
Safe Thanksgiving Foods for Your Pet

1 min read Charlie Brown always shared Thanksgiving with Snoopy. If you plan carefully, your pets can join in on the holiday too. Some human foods are unsafe for pets. Yet, plain ingredients (or single ingredients) are fine. Avoid a Thanksgiving trip to the ER with...

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6 Signs Your Pet Has Allergies  Dogs suffer more often than cats

6 Signs Your Pet Has Allergies
Dogs suffer more often than cats

2 min read Goldie’s allergies strike in the summer. Her eyes get red and oozy, her paws swell, and her eating is disrupted. Goldie’s mom says, “everything is affected and she feels miserable.”  Firehouse doctors and vet tech, Mary, helped Goldie with an injection and...

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