JEDI Council

Firehouse is committed to ensuring a culture of equity and inclusion because we know that a diverse workplace is vital to providing the best care for clients and their pets. Our team is at our best when we embrace our individual identities, collaborate, and invest in each other.

Mission Statement

We believe each individual has unique needs and experiences. Our culture nurtures diversity, equity, and inclusion to better serve our clients, patients, and communities by laying the groundwork to enhance Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion for our organization while promoting the best within each other.

Company Values

  • Foster Education
  • Exceed Expectations
  • Show Compassion
  • Collaborate Effectively
  • Build Trust

Council Goals

  • Ingrain DEI into all aspects of our culture
  • Act as change agents for the organization by championing JEDI and promoting the company as an employer of choice
  • Create equitable opportunities for growth within FGAHC
  • Identify and eliminate barriers to recruitment and retention of underrepresented groups
  • Assist in the mentoring of underrepresented individuals
  • Identify and eliminate barriers to equity in our community relationships and external communications
  • Measure progress toward our DEI goals annually

Past Accomplishments

  • Team Member holiday feedback & adding Juneteenth to paid holidays
  • Pronouns added to digital & printed materials, pronoun buttons for team members
  • Broadened community engagement
  • Intern/Extern role definitions & accommodations
  • Adjusted interview questions to be more equitable
  • Bathroom signs changed from gender specific
  • Use of All hospital accessible OneNote agendas within each hospital to encourage team voices/participation
  • Added JEDI values to Onboarding Passports
  • Expanded Social Media Posts to include/emphasize diverse holidays and celebrations
  • Added additional language translation buttons to websites
  • Provide complimentary Aunt Flow products to ensure menstrual equity


Why do pronouns matter? Pronouns affirm gender identities and create safe spaces, while misgendering results in marginalization and communicates that a person’s identity is not seen as important. Correctly using someone’s pronouns is one of the most basic ways to show your respect for their gender identity. Learn more here.

JEDI Members

Equity in the workplace does not magically happen. It takes all of us looking inside and finding the courage to speak up, ask questions, lean into education and learning, listen to one another, and provide a safe and open environment for us all to be heard. Here is a list of JEDI members and the Hospitals/Pet Resorts they are at if you would like to speak to any or learn more. You can also reach the team at

Adan Davila – FPC
Angelica (Gel) Ross – GBW
Kelly Erb – Operations Team
Ali Alcantara – FBV
Aly Satterfield – FAM
Amber LaRoche – GBW

Ashlea Tenorio – FGL
Becca Sands – GCC
Savannah Doerzbacher – Operations Team
Esterleane Landrum – FPC FPR
David Constant – FGL
Jamie Deleon – FPC

Maureen Galleymore – FBV
Shakkal Ware – FGL FPR
Katie Charles – Operations Team
Tori Tran – FGL
Candice Lyons – FPC
Brue Hughes – GBW

Contact Us

JEDI values your feedback and ideas to help us continue to improve our workplaces. We respect your concerns and privacy, and can keep your identity anonymous. For equity-related questions or more information, you have few options to let us know.  You can fill out the form below, just don’t add your name or Hospital if you want to be anonymous, get with your HM/MD, or reach out to any JEDI member.

JEDI Presentation

This presentation is to help team members learn what the JEDI Team has done or is currently doing to strengthen the DEI within our teams. This is reviewed during onboarding and frequently reviewed throughout the year in other meetings. If you haven’t seen it, take a look!


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